Bruno Fagali: Why You Need A top Attorney

Looking for a competent lawyer to handle your case in Brazil? Perhaps you are aware that Bruno Fagali is a top attorney and has a great reputation in the industry. If you need an experienced and reliable attorney to to address your legal issue effectively, then get in touch with Bruno.

Maybe you have researched attorneys in Brazil and have been advised to consult Bruno for help. Many companies, organizations and high-profile individuals in Brazil hire Bruno to help resolve their legal problems.

If you want to obtain the best possible outcome in your case, it’s extremely important to enlist the services of Bruno. Having a renowned and experienced lawyer by your side, will give you assurance that your legal matter will receive the attention it deserves.

When deciding on the appropriate structure for your organization or business, you’ll need to consider various factors including nature of the business or company, tax implications, business risk and asset protection. An experienced lawyer can advise you and guide you properly in this regard. A knowledgeable lawyer will work with his client and their other professional advisors to determine the best structure.

If you hire a good lawyer, he or she will discuss with you and your accountant or financial advisor to review all aspect of your business and help you select the best structure. Your lawyer will also draft contracts and other important legal documentation for your organization or company.

When a tough legal issue occurs and you want to get one of the best legal advisors, Bruno is your clear choice. Bruno caters to many different clients and he knows how to meet their needs. He renders top quality representation and on complex legal issues.

Business owners and organizations often encounter complex legal matters, such as disputes and contract breach. Tough legal issues require the expertise of a powerful attorney like Bruno Fagali. It is extremely important to choose a highly knowledgeable and experienced attorney. Bruno has a good understanding of the business world and the rules and regulations that affect businesses and organizations. He knows how to get his clients out of legal trouble.

Bruno Fagali aggressively seeks the best solutions for his clients’ cases, and he has significant expertise in Regulatory Law, Ethics, Administrative Law and Compliance. In preparing cases, Bruno looks at the overall rules and regulations, in order to protect his clients’ interests.

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The Reputable IC System Company

IC System is a company that deals with accounts and it was founded in the year 1938 and it has its headquarters outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. The company was based on the principles of giving clients ethical and honest services which have been upheld to date. The founders were Ruth and Erickson, and the company has been through three generations which have marked it as family-owned by the Ericksons. IC System was the first company in the United States to replace typewriters with computers considering that they were in the front position of improvement in the accounts receivable reclamation industry. Therefore, they required a reliable system that could help them store data and secure client’s detail as well as their information. After following all the set rules and regulations in this industry, the company has grown over the years to become the most reputable and secure collection agency. Under the principle of ethical and honest services to customers, the company has improved the financial outcomes for the clients who visit their agency. In that case, the company is keen on hiring experienced employees and as well make sure that they train them to fit the demands of the company. Creating an environment that is friendly to the customers and maintaining the relationships they form with their clients is key for IC System.


With the full range of customers that IC System has in the market, it means that they earn big in returns considering the services they offer. In that case, they give back to the community and therefore take part in charitable events such as in-house volunteering as well as donations to the less fortunate. Additionally, they partner with other charitable organizations like Ronald McDonald House and Gillette Children’s Hospital. The fact that they involve their employees as well in these initiatives as well means that they value them and therefore offer them a platform to be part of the broader community. IC System stands out for the quality services it provides to clients which no other agency the same industry can match. In that case, it could be said to enjoy a significant market share for their positive reputation.

Chris Linkas: Investment Advice For Today’s Youth

Chris Linkas hopes to share some of the knowledge that he has gained over the past 25 years working in the finance industry to help the youngest generation of investors to grow their long-term. He is the current European head of credit for a UK-based investment group and has had experience working with a number of top companies in the finance industry. Over the years in the finance industry has been able to gain some valuable wisdom that he wishes he could have had when he was younger himself. Not only does he have many years of experience in the finance industry but he has experience in numerous countries having served over ten countries over the span of his career.

There are numerous benefits conferred by beginning your investment career as a young adult. Typically young adults do not have large amounts of capital to invest with, but one thing that they do have is in excess of time. By taking advantage of the amount of time that they have, they are able to utilize one of the most powerful forces in the investing world, compound interest. With the power of compound interest, a single $10,000 investment at the age of 20 years old could potentially turn it to $70,000 over the course of 40 years. In fact, it could be potentially even greater as this assumes a relatively conservative rate of return. It is important that if you begin investing young that you have reinvested the earnings of your investments so that the power of compound interest continues to accrue.

By starting your investment career early, you are able to learn from your mistakes and still have the time left over after making mistakes to recover from them financially. As a young adult, it is much more sensible to take risks as if one of your investments goes badly you have the time to make the money back. This is beneficial as a lot of times the overall investment potential is greater in risky investments. Chris Linkas believes that if young people take advantage of the technology available today, they will be able to implement sound trading advice to generate long-term, lasting wealth.

Jeff Aronin is popularly known for Bioscience Expertise

Jeff Aronin is the chief executive officer and the chairman of Paragon Biosciences since 2010. Paragon Biosciences is a firm that deals with healthcare development and biopharmaceutical investments globally. Mr. Aronin is also non-exectuve chairman of several Paragon portfolio companies including Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek pharmaceuticals. Aronin also founded and served as the CEO and the president of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. from the year 2000 to 2009. Jeff is popularly known for his skills and passion in finance and brand marketing as well as strategic and business development. Jeff Aronin is a co-founder of the castle creek pharmaceuticals.


Aronin has close to 20 years’ experience in establishing and developing biotech and healthcare innovation organizations across the globe. His skill and expertise in drug development and rare diseases have made him be recognized globally in the bioscience sector. Aronin and his team have a proven track of record in developing drugs in the medical industry with intentions of improving lives and health of the overlooked patients. The FDA has approved 13 Novel Drugs developed by Aronin and his team making him successful in the bioscience fields.


At Paragon Biosciences they mainly focus on the unmet needs of the patients by pursuing and understanding the science behind the disease and then building innovative companies to address the needs. Aronin and his team in Paragon biosciences embrace the challenges that other companies have deemed unsolvable and solve them by identifying, building and developing medicines and healthcare plans for the patients. Hence, the company is known as an incubator and investor that develops and grows biotechnology companies locally and globally.


Paragon biosciences are focused and passionate about improving the lives of patients mostly suffering debilitating diseases by founding innovative biotechnology firms in the medicine industry hence accelerating medical breakthrough for patients in need. The company is equipped with dedicated experts, clinical experts and biotech entrepreneurs who strive to provide strategic planning, support, and guidance to create innovative firms in the healthcare industry. Paragon biosciences also partner with major organizations that they believe they share their mission with such as Debra and Diaderm to develop new medicines.


Graham Edwards of Telereal Joins CPO in Reorganization; How his Business Changed Post Trillium Merger

Graham Edwards, the current CEO of Telereal Trillium, joined the Centre for Policy Studies(CPS) during a recent policy program shakeup. Edward’s appointment comes just before a new head of business is to be announced and alongside several other new members of the CPS team. With only a year left to go until the controversial Brexit plan goes into effect, CPS is launching these new members into a “New Generation” initiative. CPS wants new faces to come up with new, even radical ideas concerning policy. Taxes, cost of living, welfare plans, and much more are to be discussed.


Four new programs in total have been created as part of the “New Generation” initiative and they are all overseen by Alex Morton, former director at Field Consulting. The goal of the new programs is to create positive opportunities for Britain in a post-Brexit world.


“In putting together out new team,” began Robert Colvile, director of CPS. “I have been hugely impressed not just by their expertise but by their passion to get to grips with the challenges we face.”


About Graham Edwards


Graham Edwards has been the CEO of Telereal Trillium for over 15 years. One of his most notable achievements at the company was a transaction of nearly 7000 properties. The deal was between BT and Telereal and was worth well over two billion. Edwards also participated in negotiations that lead to Trillium being purchased from Land Securities Group Plc. This was the transaction that created the company that Telereal Trillium is today.


Graham Edwards’s business after the merger of Trillium and Telereal changed drastically. The company had to create a team purely focused on the merger. This team worked to ease the burden of organization for departments such as IT and financial during the first few months of the merger. Executives from both companies came together as well. They formed a senior management team who stuck together to see the merger through.


Prior to working for Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Management and BT Group Plc.

Perry Mandera’s Bio and Leadership

Perry Mandera is a business expert in the field of logistics and transport. He is the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. that deals with transportation of goods. Mr. Mandera is very experienced in this business, and he has been in it since 1976. He has mainly been operating in Illinois State where many people know him for the excellent provision of shipping services. In a recent interview, Mr. Mandera gave a glimpse of how his career has grown from a dream to a practical business that has been highly lucrative.


Perry’s idea of transporting goods arose when he was working for the Marines. During this time, he was tasked with taking supplies to the troops. This made him realize the economic benefits of shipping of goods. This experience with the Marines had a great impact on his career choice. He felt that this indeed was the field where his dreams lied. Perry kept the idea alive during his time in the military and later decided to try it out.


After quitting the military job, Perry did not go directly to the transport business. First, he went into politics where he was successfully elected as a ward committeeman under the Republican ticket. He served in this post for four months. One of the most incredible things about his position is that Perry Mandera was the youngest Ward Committeeman in Chicago. This fete shows that he had a push to help people from a very young age.


His urge to help those in need has always been the driving force in life. Mr. Mandera is also very conscious about helping the less endowed in the society. He frequently donates to charity organizations. This is something that Perry does from the bottom of his heart as he is naturally very generous.In fact, it is almost impossible to talk to Mr. Perry Mandera with the story of helping the less endowed cropping up. Mostly, his donations are towards helping children who lack the basic facilities that are necessary for leading a healthy life. He helps them by providing food, clothes as well as transport services. He also tries to reach out to as many people as possible who are in need of help.

Glen Wakeman Introduces His Practical LaunchPad Toolkit

CEO and Founder of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman, has a service software that was fashioned to assist newbie entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into tangible plans that can be applied into their everyday work.


Glen Wakeman started his success through studying and finishing college degrees that leveraged him in the professional world. Having an in-depth knowledge in finance, he is the right choice for a mentor to offer exemplary insights to help others realize their objectives. With this in mind, he created the LaunchPad Toolkit that contains recommendations on how to start a business or company, all from his personal experience and perceptions.


In his practical point of view, Glen Wakeman understands that in order to start a new venture, capital funding is needed since this aspect in the business may spell success or failure on the part of the entrepreneur.


Glen Wakeman was employed with GE Capital for more than two decades. He worked his way up the corporate ladder until he reached the Chief Executive Officer position with GE Money Latin America. In the course of his tenure in the said position, he was able to deliver assets that were valued over $12 billion coupled with the responsibility of managing 17,000 rank and files within 99 countries worldwide.


In the expanse of his protracted professional work he was able to live and work in six countries all over the world in South America, Asia, and Europe. He was in-charge of the operations in thirty regions worldwide, where he reaped international credit and acknowledgement at the time of his successful career as an executive. Due to his career path experience, Glen Wakeman gained a wide expanse of knowledge in technology, operations, general management, business development, and regional and country supervision.


In his efforts to equate money with ideas, he was able to initiate the establishment of LaunchPad Holdings. His extreme inquisitiveness for the high rate of failures of start-up business made him delved deeper into the matter. And with diligent scrutiny, he discovered that majority of such businesses have no models that would sustain the concepts and make them real. To address the situation he developed the Toolkit, which is a plan that is integrated in a user-friendly software program.

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Q & A with Glen Wakeman, Co-Founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC

Jorge Moll Interviewed on Personal and Professional Thoughts

Dr. Jorge Moll is the president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education located in Rio de Janeiro. He is a doctor that earned his medical degree from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994 and then completed his residency in 1998 focused on neurology. Jorge Moll is not the type to do anything lightly. He also issued even greater levels of education. Going onto receive a doctorate in experimental pathophysiology in the year 2004. His work at IDOR, another name for D’Or Institute of Research and Education, is not limited to president. He is also one the schools board members and an active senior researcher. He is a man who had accomplished a ton and gets his inspiration from interesting places.


What truly inspires Dr. Moll is possibility. He sees the possible future and looks excitedly toward its grand reveal. A future full of technological advancements that truly put one in a sense of awe. He is interested specifically in the interactions the human brain will have when artificial intelligence can work more closely together to yield an advanced and effective healthcare system. Being a researcher Moll constantly thinks of new ideas and concepts he wants to focus on. However, in a recent interview he mentioned how disregarding many thoughts and ideas he had would be advice he would give his younger self.


He believes to form good habits is a good habit in itself. That being an entrepreneur is an important avenue to developing questions and answers those questions. The more answered questions we have the more solutions presented to the world.


Moll believes for science to truly make an impact it has to be disruptive science. Pushing people out of their comfort zone into uncharted territory. Something like the meshing of the human brain with A.I. to improve its cognitive systems. He would gloat give away a good business idea to anyone willing to run with it.


Moll is also a family man discussing the benefits of taking a portion of his earnings to bless his kids with toys and Netflix. Neuroscientist Dr. Moll will continue to lead the way in our world of research and education.

Dr. Saad Saad and His Remarkable Inventions That Pushed Medicine Tech Forward

Dr. Saad Saad remains to be one of the world’s most diligent, dedicated and skilled medical professionals in the world today. He has made a name already not just for offering outstanding medical service to both his patients and children of charity organizations, but for his patented medical innovation as well. In fact, some of these medical inventions that he invented have already been recognized and featured in medical journals today, such as Medical Daily Times.



In one article from BJ Hetherington of Medical Daily Times, it’s stated that Dr. Saad Saad’s accomplished medical background as a pediatric surgeon has already rendered thousands of pediatric surgeries all throughout his career. This dedication to providing patients utmost relief and the least pain as possible is what’s driving him now to create two innovative medical procedures in the field of surgeries.



The first invention he innovated was the catheter with integral electromagnetic location identification device. With patent number 5,727, 553, this catheter sets itself apart from previous catheters because it allows the surgeon to forego the use of x-ray machines and MRI technologies that are bulky and quite harmful if constantly exposed to the patient. The standard catheters today also accidentally get to be left inside the body of the patient, and so it should be a good help for doctors to have Dr. Saad Saad’s catheter to prevent this from happening.



Another innovation from Dr. Saad Saad’s creative mind are the special methods and paraphernalia needed for providing suction as well as irrigation during a rigid endoscope. The good thing with Dr. Saad Saad’s version of such technology is that it maintains visual contact with the target area without losing sight of the endoscope.



Right now, Dr. Saad Saad’s patent for such invention has the official patent number: 5,725,478. The problems of doctors before of doing irrigation and losing sight of the endoscope would no longer be a problem. Doctors can now pour fluid to clear the foggy and distorted view during surgery and yet they don’t lose sight of their endoscopy’s subject area.



Dr. Saad Saad has personally used the technology himself and attests to how effective it can be and how it can provide a whole different level of utility for attending physicians. Which makes it not surprising why many doctors today use his invention frequently during regular surgeries to remove foreign elements out of a patient’s body, such as marbles, piece of plastic wrapper or hardened gum.



Dr. Saad Saad’s Professional Background



It’s safe to say that Dr. Saad Saad is one of the trusted surgeons in Eatontown, NJ. He has affiliations with the Jersey Shore University Medical Center as well as the renowned Monmouth Medical Center in their Long Branch Campus. He graduated from the esteemed Cairo University School of Medicine. Learn more:


A Review of Jeunesse’s Y.E.S System

Jeunesse is a powerful brand that has been making waves all over the world with its line of products designed to promote youthfulness. The Y.E.S System is a combination of nine specific products that are created to work together in harmony to provide users with the ultimate combination of inside and outside beauty and health. These nine products all align with a specific aspect of health.

The nine products of the Y.E.S System are as follows:

  • Luminesce: This is an anti-aging skin care product that helps promote youthfulness by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also works hard to give your skin an incredible glow.
  • Reserve: This is a supplement that is a wonderful blend of super fruits. It is designed to stop free radical damage that can happen in everyday life.
  • Instantly Ageless: This product really does it all. It gets rid of everything from under-eye bags and large pores, to reducing fine lines. It is one of the most highly regarded products from Jeunesse.
  • FINITI: This product is a supplement that combines some of the world’s best fruit and vegetable extracts to promote overall health and wellness.
  • AM Essentials and PM Essentials: These two are both supplements that are put together with the finest essential vitamins and nutrients. AM Essentials is designed to increase energy and mood and to slow down premature aging. PM essentials is created with restorative nutrients to help stop premature aging while promoting a healthy, restful night of sleep.
  • ZEN BODI: This is a system within itself that promotes three key aspects when you are trying to get fit. ZEN BODI curbs your appetite, burns fat rapidly and helps to build muscle during exercise.
  • Nevo: This is a drink that promotes energy while being free of any artificial flavors or sweetners. It is designed to work with the rest of the Y.E.S System to increase overall energy on your path to a healthier, more youthful life.
  • NV: This product is a combination of skin-nourishing foundation, a bronzer and a primer that gives you an incredible look, while containing a product called APT-200, designed to enhance youth.
  • MIND: This product is made with a rare protein found in silkworm cocoons that is designed to increase your level of memory and concentration.