Lauren Conrad Offers Practical Party Planning Advice

Lauren Conrad has planned your next get-together, and you can believe that it’s going to be an organized event that isn’t extremely fussy. Conrad’s party-planning methods may even be effective for improving your marriage, since putting together the menu and decor for an event at home can give you yet another lesson in compromising with your mate. Conrad has learned this lesson first-hand when decorating party spaces with her husband William Tell.

Conrad has definitely made her mark in the fashion world, and has two collections: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s and Paper Crown. The former MTV reality show star has also published nine book, eight of which have made the New York Times bestseller list. Lauren also has almost 10 million combined social media followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These days, Lauren is adding home goods to her lifestyle brand with The Little Market. The Little Market is a fair-trade retailer based online. Her latest book, Celebrate, which gives practical party planning tips, has led many to say that Conrad is the “millennial Martha Stewart.”

Conrad insists that Martha Stewart’s “shoes” are too big to fill, and that she doesn’t see herself overshadowing Stewart, who has long been hailed as the Queen of All Things Domestic.

Whether she claims to be the next Martha Stewart or not, Lauren’s tips for organizing a get-together will help to make you less stressed as a hostess. Conrad says to let go of the notion that everything needs to be perfect.

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In addition to party planning services, Twenty Three Layers will assist you in designing the marketing and decorative materials for your party, so that your celebration is both functional and stylish. Twenty Three Layers also has relationships with quality vendors, so your celebration will feature the trendiest decor, entertainment and food.

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A Life Of True Compassion: Malini Saba

Malina Saba is a world leader in investments and technology. She is a dedicated philanthropist and the proud founder and chairman of Saban Group, a company that specializes in investment interest for oil and technology companies. Saba also founded Stree Global Investments For Women, in 2001. Street was founded with the goal of empowering women and providing them more affordable access to healthcare. The organization is heavily involved in movements and public policy in Africa, Europe, Central America and India.

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Malini Saba moved to the United States at the age of 19 with only a few hundred dollars in her pocket. Her goals and dreams could not be measured of deemed out of reach because of the amount of money she had. She attended free lectures at Stanford University and rented a small apartment near campus with her former husband, who was enrolled at the University. Saba recalls those though time and notes that they helped build her strength and motivation toward reaching her ultimate goal. She refused to live in a shaky apartment for the rest of her life.

Saba quickly grew her reputation as a financial investment expert, investing in over 20 well known technology service companies. Aside from her passion for providing equality and affordable healthcare for women, Saba is also dedicated to helping victims of natural disasters. In 2004 she toured and donated $10 million to victims affected by the Tsunami that hit India and Sri Lanka.

After receiving her Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Malina Saba decided to dedicate her life to the betterment of others. Her involvement in philanthropy began in 2001, when she founded Stree. Saba wanted to help improve the quality of life, as well as the self-esteem of women and children from low income families. Stree has been backed and supported by both former United States President Bill Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor. Saba is respected as one of the most successful and compassionate businesswomen and philanthropist of today. About Malini Saba

Kenneth Goodgame The Marketing Master

Kenneth Goodgame is one of the best in the marketing field. With plenty of experience and determination, he has been able to build a plethora of job experience that has made him so good at his job. With a bachelor of science in marketing from Tennessee University, he has been able to put his expertise in action at companies like Home Depot, Rubbermaid, and Ace Hardware. During his work there he fulfilled the jobs of Senior Global Merchant, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and Channels for Shur-line painting products, and General Merchandising Manager.

However, one of Kenneth’s most impressive positions was at True Value where he worked as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer. By undertaking both these roles at True Value he was able to enact a large amount of change, which turned into large profit for the company. While there he implemented a 5-year growth program that improved the whole area of marketing, merchandising, and management for the company. Along with this, he also was able to boost morale for underachieving sales staff to create saving for the company from wasted time. This gave the True Value enough extra money to be able to appear on national television for the first time, which in turn boosted sales for True Value even further. Then to top off the great many things he was able to achieve at True Value, he created the program “New at True Value”. This program helped to unite the company and was the most store to store program participated in within the True Value’s history. Kenneth Goodgame’s great many marketing and managing achievements help to show why his values of hardwork, quality assurance, and key growth have made him one of the best at what he does.

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Bob Reina: A Great CEO, an Even Better Person

When you look at the life and career of Bob Reina, it is hard not to be in awe of all that he has accomplished and all of his charitable donations. He is an inspiration to others out there to do the same. You can make a great product and you can also do good in the community as well. You have to want to and you have to be committed to it. Bob Reina has always been committed to his job and his work outside of the job as well. However, he holds the second job with even more importance. He made news for making a donation of $1 million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Now, a lot of people like to talk a big game, but not a lot of people actually go through with it. When it comes to Bob Reina, he puts his money where his mouth is and he is not afraid to go the extra mile to help those in need, animals or humans. He is a very empathetic and sympathetic person, which is a great trait in any CEO or any person for that matter.

Talk Fusion

That is the genesis behind Talk Fusion, which is a video communications system which allows you to be your own boss and run your own business. You don’t have to listen to anyone but yourself. You can send out Video Newsletters, where you speak to people and let them know what you are up to with your product. Let’s say you want to be a book reviewer. You can have video book reviews and then alert people that are interested in watching them as to when they can watch them and how they can watch them. That is changing someone’s life as they are able to stay at home, be with their parents, and spend more time with their loved ones. Visit to know more about Talk Fusion.

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Introducing Mr. Eric Pulier: A Philanthropist and an Inventor worth Reckoning With

Eric Pulier is one of the most visionary innovators and entrepreneurs today. He has many skills and talents. When he is not founding and co-founding successful, multi-million dollar firms, he is involved in various community outreach programs, Worldwide. The visionary Harvard University alumni is heavily invested in the private sector. Over the years, he has also collaborated with the government. Some of his achievements include working with the Clinton Foundation. He also partnered up with U.S Doctors for Africa programs.

Outside the confines of the office, Pulier is a proud father of four children. Together, they live in the Los Angeles area in California. His LinkedIn page, states that he attained his high school diploma from Teaneck High school. He finished high school in 1984. He was admitted to Harvard to pursue a degree in English and American Literature. He also tinkered with Computer Science in the years spanning from 1984 to 1988.

Some of the enterprises he has helped build are Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. In addition, Eric is an influential board member at Painted Turtle. This is a charitable organization which specializes in helping children suffering from chronic illnesses for instance from multiple sclerosis. The establishment doubles up as a summer camp where the affected children go to share, mingle and interact with other kids.

Working together with people like Steven Spielberg, Paul Allen and Al Gore he was able to launch Starbright World. Ideally, this venture specializes in the creation of an online environment that the kids with chronic illnesses can be able to interact with and have fun with. This project went ahead to become an instant success. Over 75 hospitals soon adopted it in the U.S, alone. Their intuitive video games have garnered a huge following to-date.

Another notable achievement by the successful author is known as the XPRIZE Foundation. In a nutshell, this non-profit charity institution specializes in developing and inventing innovative technological solutions. Eric Pulier regularly donates to this organization. The outfit has done a fantastic job at providing the necessary incentives and motivations to inspire developers.

John Goullet Making Strides at Diversant

There is an old expression, and I really like it and find it to be true: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink, which means that you can give someone everything they need and prepare them, but after that, it is up to them to do the rest of the work. You can’t do the work for them, although I’m sure some people would like it that way. When you are out there in the world by yourself, you have to remember the lessons you learned at Diversant and the skills they taught you.

They are like having a best friend in your corner when it comes to the IT world and IT staffing. They are on your side. You have to remember that this is what they do for a living and this is their livelihood. Because of this, they are skilled in all areas and they know how to make sure you are as prepared as possible and nothing is left to chance. After that, it is up to you to form your own path. It is a lot like football. The coaches can coach you up, get you ready, and make sure you are trained and ready to go. However, once you are out there, you are on your own and it is up to you to do the rest of the work.

However, you can rest easy when you have people like John Goullet at Diversant. This man has seen it all, done it all, and is the principal of the leadership and advisory board. He is going to give you his secrets, his tricks of the trade, and he isn’t going to lead you down the wrong path. He is going to make sure you are as prepared as you can be as preparation is a big part of the job. When you are prepared, the rest of it is easy as you have been trained for this. (Follow John on YouTube)

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The Teamwork of Giving: James Dondero and Linda Owen Offer Great Hope To Dallas Charities

The home of Dallas has a great team of charitable gate keepers making sure that the organizations in the community are well funded for many years to come. The winning team of the innovative James Dondero, co-Founder and co-CEO of Highland Capital and Linda Owens, Philanthropist extraordinaire, are now working together to make sure that millions of charitable dollars will continue to be made available to those charitable foundations and funding organizations that best distribute the funds to those in need.

It does take a special talent to accumulate a surplus of earnings each year, the way that James Dondero does each with his high low yield CLOs or Collateralized Loan Obligations. After the recent investments in credit debt products from emerging foreign markets such as Argentina,Dondero also inspired similar activities and investments by countless other hedge fund management teams and clients. This action created a blue print for future investment gains and activities within the credit debt product investment community. Clients of Highland Capital are proud to be a part of the success that eventually gives back to the people in the greater North Dallas.

As Jim has said, “The firm’s engagement in the work of all the organizations it supports goes beyond funding.” The team at Highland, does not only work magic with CLOs and other hedge fund management processes, they tirelessly give of themselves through their commitment in personal time as board members. They put their heads together along with Philanthropic leaders such as Linda Owens to creatively provide funds to non profits, great causes and giving organizations to benefit those who make the most impact on the betterment of Dallas.

Linda Owen started many years ago on the legal team of Wald, Harkrader and Ross. She works with many charities that hold balls each year for those with the deepest pockets and the biggest hearts, from The Family Place to animal welfare groups.


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