Kennth Goodgame: Sometimes, A Good Game is all You Need

In 2013, the True Value Hardware Corporation decided to make room for some new leadership. This opened the door to one of the company’s greatest finds, Kenneth Goodgame. Since his inception as chief marketing officer, he has been adding “true value” to the company.

It seems as though, True Value’s 2013 commitment to add 3 new executives paid off. This was when Kenneth Goodgame brought his “A game” to True Value. He assumed the position of Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO).

Among his accomplishments in this position are the $8M, in 2014, and $13.8M, in 2015, his annual “pay for play” investment program generated in revenue. Additionally, Kenneth Goodgame overhauled the line reviews. This increased savings by 8%. Where did Kenneth Goodgame get his “know-how” to make money wherever he goes?

This man’s reputation precedes him and his experience in senior leadership positions is unmatched. Kenneth Goodgame has been a major player in the “tools and hardware game” since 1994. The secret to Mr. Goodgame’s success can be found written on his resume. Experience is something to be “truly valued” and he has plenty of it. Before he was the SVP and CMO of the True Value Hardware Corporation, Mr. Goodgame worked for the competition.

He was Ace Hardware’s General Merchandising manager from 2010 to 2013. There he managed to cultivate the hand tool from grossing $9M to $180M in sales.

Since Kenneth Goodgame joined the True Value team, they have had nothing but, a “good game”. They show no signs of slowing down.

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