This Dentist is Making the Business Fun

Dr. Chris Villanueva, a dental practitioner, founded MB2 Dental to strike a better balance between the needs of practitioners and business. To provide an improved environment for practitioners, Dr. Villanueva institutes a focus on fun, autonomy, corporate support, and professional growth. This philosophy has translated into organic growth for MB2 Dental to the tune of 70 locations and 533 employees.The concept of MB2 Dental was developed by Villanueva after graduating from dental school. The business was launched as a dentist-owned entity that promotes doctors working together and accomplishing more as a collective rather than individually. The company encourages doctors to make improvements that directly benefit their own patients first. These changes result in organic growth that eventually helps the bottom line.

MB2 Dental also emphasizes additional principles, including the adoption of progressive trends, promotion of a youthful and learning culture, empowerment of dentists over individual practice decisions, provision of administrative support that frees dentists to spend more time with their patients, and the use and sharing of advanced technology. Although Dr. Villanueva runs a growing network of practices, he does several things to ensure that he keeps the right perspective towards the business and his personal life. He surrounds himself with friends and employees that are collaborative, have great ideas, and are intelligent. He also believes in keeping a light atmosphere in the office, which allows him to be more creative and connected with his employees.

He also suggests that other entrepreneurs take time for self-reflection, keep things as simple as possible, and be open to learning from failure. For example, several years ago, he and a few other dentists decided to open a pizzeria. The problem was they really weren’t that good at making pizza and came in with a product that didn’t work out. He learned that he should just focus on what he is good at, and that is the dental business. His favorite book, Start With Why, does a good job in explaining his approach to running a successful business. It’s always important to ensure everyone understands their role in a company and why they are doing it. This allows everyone to stay connected and in sync with the company’s daily mission.

The Future Of Fashion Is Being Demonstrated By The Academy Of Art University

Fashion week is a big deal every year for fashion enthusiast and industry experts. This past year was no exception to this tradition. The Academy of Art University and School of Fashion scout out talented designed who show exceptional creativity that stands out from their classmates or peers. The School of Fashion held their runway on September 9th last year, which showcased the top selected students in various graduate programs.


Many of the designers that were selected came from very different backgrounds, all the way from China to the United States. This diverse group showed off very different collections of work that displayed their own personal experiences and heritage. There was a rather large variety of materials used in the creation of this year’s designs, including many different techniques and concepts from throughout the fashion industry. An example of unique work came from Hailun Zhou, creating her designs out of fabrics and vinyl that had been fused together.


The main focus for the Academy of Art Universty is to prepare students to become professionals in the fashion industry despite its competitive and fast-paced nature. The institute offers its students various different programs based on design and fashion, including graduate and undergraduate degree. The Academy of Art University also works to ensure their students gain hands-on experience in fashion before getting started on their careers to teach them various disciplines and principles to look at when building their perspectives on design.


The creative environment that the university provides to its students thrives a challenging curriculum that builds experience worthy of a leader. With the exceptional support available at this school, students are able to progress at their own rates to reach their desired goal for fashion experience. The faculty present is comprised of leading fashion teachers throughout the industry which have extensive insight into fashions inner workings. An important aspect for faculty to teach is creating responsible and productive members of society and not just an artist.