Andrew Alexander Impact on Comedy

Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander is an imaginative and compelling theater, film, and TV maker, known most generally for his initiative of The Second City theater organization and the hit TV program SCTV. He Co owns Second City and was named one of the most successful Chicagoans in 2013.Alexander became aware of his interest in comedy in the mid 70’s. After his first encounter with comedy, Alexander went home and began producing shows which transcended borders that he ended setting up producing studios in Toronto and Chicago. During his tenure, he has produced shows and co-created comedy for diverse TV stations and nurtured innumerable talents.

Andrew is one of the most prolific world comedians, but he has rarely stepped on stage. Instead, he has been behind the scenes mentoring well-known comedians to achieve stardom and maintain relevance through an upward trajectory. Additionally, he has searched out to set out open doors to upgrade the existences of others in media outlets with charitable endeavors.

Beyond the screen, Andrew has been involved in an avalanche of philanthropic activities. He has been partnering with organizations to help support performers, a drive that would not be possible without his contribution. The most significant contribution of Alexander was the collaboration with the Alumni Fund, an organization that seeks to offer assistance to performers during times of illnesses and economic hardships.

The role of Alexander has influenced the halls of present comedy. Being able to watch a piece and have a good laugh during trying moments can be uplifting. Without the contributions of such individuals as Andrew, comedy would still be figuring its way to the stages.

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