Betsy Devos: A Look at Her Work in the 90s and Beyond

In the 90s, Betsy DeVos donated her time to several children’s organizations. One of them was Children First America. This nonprofit focused its attention on school choice, and some of the methods they used were promoting tax credits and payment vouchers. During that same period, DeVos also worked for the national organization called American Education Reform Council.


On the political front, she has also advocated tax credits to help pay for private, charter, and other forms of alternative schooling. Betsy DeVos resides in Michigan, and she wanted to change the state’s legal standing to allow tax credits to be funneled into scholarship money to pay for alternative education. Her efforts were not successful, but that did not dampen her spirits. Instead, she took her passion to the national level and worked to get other states to adopt the credit system.


After working with several philanthropic groups, DeVos created her own nonprofit. Its values are similar to the others, and they also work on changing politician’s viewpoints. To get radical change, it often takes the help of legislators and community leaders. Betsy DeVos understood that because of her time and dedication to committees and her work on the political front. With this new organization, DeVos hopes to create lasting change for families across the nation.


DeVos points out that many states have successfully adopted school choice. She has visited them on many occasions and while she was employed at the White House. Florida is a success story. Famous musicians have gravitated to the state and used their wealth to open charter schools. DeVos has been on stage with a rap singer and many governors.


Some of the other places that have adopted her conservative views are parts in Indiana and Louisiana. Betsy DeVos has been singing the praises of school choice for decades, and she has put in the time physically and mentally to the task.