Building A Strong Advertising Campaign with Jose Henrique Borghi

The creation and development of a powerful advertising campaign is a task taken up each working day by Brazilian advertising legend Jose Henrique Borghi at the Mullen Lowe Brasil ad agency. Over the course of his career, Jose Henrique Borghi has been building a strong career as an advertising specialist who has been creating some of the best-known ads in the Brazilian industry and across the planet since he first entered the industry in 1989 as an editor with the Standard & Ogilvy agency.

The Mullen Lowe ad agency has been seeking to develop a new era of success in Brazilian advertising after partnering with Jose Henrique Borghi’s ad agency BorghiEhr and taking the skills of Borghi and his team towards greater success. In recent years, Jose Henrique Borghi has been developing a number of campaigns for some of the biggest global and Brazilian brands who are looking for the best advertising campaigns available from a top Brazilian advertising agency. The Caixa bank campaign developed by Mullen Lowe Brasil has been seen as one of the most effective campaigns in recent memory with Jose Henrique Borghi explaining the decision to make the Renato Russo song, “Once Again” the focus of the campaign being undertaken and his facebook.

Jose Henrique Borghi believes the best option open to any advertising industry professional is to develop a series of collaborative efforts for the future as the spirit of collaboration makes almost every campaign better than it could have been. The Caixa campaign developed by Mullen Lowe Brasil and Jose Henrique Borghi was created by a team in different areas of Brazil with the offices in Sao Paulo and Brasilia coming together to develop a range of advertising options for the client to consider; eventually a multimedia approach was taken that moved the campaign forward to the success it became across many different areas of the media and more information click here.

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