Caribou: A Top Global Courier Gets Even Better

Caribou Caribou simplifies the process of delivery and courier services for their customers. The company has a very user-friendly app, and it was designed to improve their services for both drivers and customers. The Caribou driver’s app was developed by Cuhu which provides highly intuitive technology.

Caribou is one of the most widely used delivery and courier providers in the world. Customers can easily track the location of their delivery from start to finish, and they are alerted when the package reaches its final destination.

This is a private company based in Manchester in the UK. The firm is professionally operated by a staff of dedicated people who are admitted to getting parcels to their ultimate destination safely and promptly. The company continues to grow and gain new customers year over year, and they consistently get very high ratings from their satisfied customers.

The firm is expanding and works diligently to build new partnerships with other high quality courier providers. They utilize the most advanced logistic technology available in the industry today. This is why they are able to offer better service, more timely deliveries and affordable pricing.


Another part of the process that helps to make Caribou stand out is how they sort the packages they are assigned to deliver. Sorting packages on the ground takes a lot more time. Instead, Caribou pre-sorts every parcel upon receipt, and this is a key difference. It is beneficial to Caribou customers as well as the recipients of the parcel. It saves them both time and money because they can keep their rates well below the competition.