Bernardo Chua: Growing And Expanding Markets

Bernardo Chua’s extensive years of direct marketing has recently presented him with an opportunity to serve as District General Manager for CORT Furniture. He will be based out of Chantilly, VA. Chua’s strong marketing background has been recognized proving his ability to stimulate sales and growth, globally. He plans to utilize these very skills to advance CORT Furniture’s future potential. Learn more about more Bernado Chua:

The start of Bernardo’s marketing career was in the Philippines where he worked for Gano Excel. The fundamental product sold by this company was ganoderma, a form of mushroom used in a lot of Eastern medicines. This powerful ingredient provides healing essentials. With Chua’s assistance, the company expanded into Hong Kong and North America in three short years. At this time, he relocated to California and became the President of the organization.

While his marketing skills are renowned, Bernardo Chua is also acknowledged as quite an impressive entrepreneur too. He is the founder of: Organic Coffee, Read NextOrgano Gold, Previously Organo Gold, Organo Corporation, and eventually Company Background Oregano. All of these ventures are related to coffee and ganoderma, as separate products.

According to ZoomInfo, Bernardo Chue became obsessed with incorporating ganoderma with coffee. He was determined to create a healthy mixture and succeeded. The new beverage became known as Organo Gold. It was an ingenious concept to promote coffee as a health food. Bernardo has taken his creative masterpiece and grown and expanded production to over a million distributors globally.

The Street also said that it may seem that working at CORT Furniture will be an astronomical change for the coffee guru, but Bernardo Chua would disagree. He is adamant that his marketing strengths from past experiences can be utilized in any industry. Chua is determined to apply his knowledge and experience to increase CORT’s expansion and growth potential. We look forward to this man’s further success.