How Does Brian Bonar Share His Love Of Food With San Diego?

The city of San Diego is a beautiful tourist destination that has no rain and lovely sunshine. It is the perfect place to try new foods, and Brian Bonar has fallen in love with the city after years living there.

He is a financial guru who wishes to share his love of food with the city, and this article explains how he will help the city become a much stronger foodie destination. He is willing to bring a bit of Europe with him as he builds his eateries.

#1: Starting In Escondido

Brian found himself a location in downtown Escondido that helped him open Bellamy’s. The restaurant is named in the family style that other diners in the area are named, and Brian chose to fit in. Brian Bonar wants to see his patrons sit in the bar at night, and he offers French bistro food that is light. He does not want to overwhelm his customers. He simply wants them to try something different that he is quite a fan of.

#2: The Ranch

The ranch that Brian has opened outside Escondido is a larger space with a bigger kitchen and staff. He wants the location to be perfect for hosting events, and he wants all his customers to try the more advanced French food at the location.

Weddings and private parties may be held there at any time, and he is giving everyone and idyllic location to host their next event. The restaurant is an extension of Brian’s love of French food, and he wishes to see his customers stream through the door looking for a place where they may escape to great food.

#3: Why Does Brian Love Food?

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar went home and learned how to cook the French food he loves. He did not want to be absent from the kitchen, and he believes it is quite important that he is hands-on with all those who work for him.

He is quite aware of what it takes to run one of his restaurants, and he works along with a lovely French chef who helps him build beautiful menus. The combination of passion and work ethic has created a better brand for every customer to eat with.

#4: Why San Diego?

The city of San Diego sees vacationers every year in the millions, and they will drop by Escondido to see what the food is like. He is investing in the foodie community, and he hopes to bring in those who love food as he does.

Brian’s passion for food has extended to San Diego where he wants to live out his days making the finest food in the area. His passion for the French table is evident in every dish.