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One of the most progressive ways of understanding a situation is to gather as much information as possible about the subject. The more research you do, can lead to finding a solution in the long-run. Cancer research is no different, but time is of the essence. Cancer has been ravaging lives for decades and decades. There has been many treatments throughout the years, but the disease itself is still around. WebMD is known for providing an abundance of medical and health-related material to the public that’s free of charge. As of now, cancer patients will have an outlet to find answers and solutions for whatever type of cancer that’s in question.

On the other hand, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a well-rounded organization that provides the very best in tailored-cancer treatments. It has been doing so since 1988, and it has grown stronger each and every years. New breakthroughs and treatments are constantly on the rise thanks to all of the advanced-medications and technologies. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been at the forefront for most of its professional life, and it hasn’t wavered as inch in the fight against cancer. This prominent organization has hospitals in many major American cities such as Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta and Tulsa. Some of the most intelligent and brilliant professionals work under this huge umbrella, and

Cancer Treatment Centers of America and WebMD has formed a winning combination. These two powerhouses are working in tandem to give cancer patients working solutions. There will be an advanced-interactive display right at your fingertips. Everything is user-friendly and it’s rather easy to get the information that’s needed. This is one of the most progressive approaches in cancer research as of now. All in all, this combination will leave a lasting impression during the years to come, and read full article.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Makes Winning the War against Cancer Easier

Not every team can win a game, but a team made up of outstanding players stands a good chance of putting up a performance that guarantees victory. Of course, we have men and women helping out with patients battling with cancer and other related diseases. These individuals deserve some kudos for putting in their best. However, we need outstanding and well-equipped individuals to put an end to the menace of cancer and permanently obliterate its presence from planet earth. It is a tall task but not impossible, not with the emergence of exceptional individuals like Mikhail Blagosklonny. You may have heard about him.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He is a medical expert with verse knowledge and in-depth professional experience having worked in some of the best medical institutions addressing issues pertaining to cancer and other related disease. He spent quality time at New York Medical College and Ordway Research Institute in the capacity of an Associate Professor and a Senior Scientist respectively.

Mikhail Blagosklonny holds a MD in Internal Medicine and a PhD in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology from the prestigious First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg.

He seems to have no other thing he devotes time to than attending to cancer patients and people desiring an extended life span as well as conducting researches on finding better targeted cancer and aging therapies. Read more on

The international society showered him with unprecedented accolades when he made public his hypothesis on TOR signaling. This hypothesis has proven very helpful in curbing the menace of cancer and aging. Much of the global awareness rapamycin enjoys today has its root in the unrelenting and vehement advocacy provided by Mikhail Blagosklonny. The cancer drug, rapamycin, is now widely used in treating patients and in retarding the aging process.

The outstanding contributions of Mikhail Blagosklonny in the war against cancer can never be overlooked. He is therefore an formidable player as the world builds a team of exceptional individuals capable of putting an end to the existence of cancer among people all over the globe.

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All You Need to Know About Oncotarget

Background information

Oncotarget is an English journal formed in the year 2010 with the aim of educating people on health matters such as prevention, care, and treatment of cancer. Its chief editors are Mikhall and Gudkovrenown, who are researchers and educationists. In writing the journal, they follow the agreed standards that publishers are required to abide to—the COPE rules. Usually, its contents are posted on their well-designed website where anyone can access the information.

The site highlights the research underway in cancer-related ailments on YouTube. Furthermore, they rely on reviews provided to improve their standards, and they can determine the traffic to and provide insight on the standard age groups that visit them.

Oncotarget and social media

The company goes with the trend that says social media have become an important tool in content the information at

How it works

The site works by reviewing the manuscripts by highlighting all the steps they are in. When the paper is forwarded, the editors are given the task to edit after which they give reviewers to pass through the journal on Lastly, the decision is made by the chief editors who then send word back to the original author. The merit of this system is that you can check the progress of your article by logging in and checking its status.

Oncotarget publishing

Oncotarget publish sensitive papers of importance which range from research oriented studies. The research is mostly scientific and deal with ailments associated with aging like cancer, hypertension, and other diseases. They try to sensitize the different age groups to the importance of avoiding or stopping the diseases.

Oncotarget and E-cigarette research

The study analyzed the impact of E-liquid on the teeth; Dr. IrfanRahman conducted it, and the result was that it indeed caused more harm in the mouth particularly the gum. It causes the inflammatory of the cells. On the other hand, these types of cigarettes act as a catalyst in the entry of microorganisms and other diseases causing substances. Moreover, it increases the chances of getting cancer.

MET amplification

It was concerned with the investigation of MET amplification on in gastric cancer to further examine change in the genetic material to gastric cancer. FISH analysis was conducted, and the result showed little subgroups of gastric cancer responded to MET-TKIs.

Oncotarget is an organization that is deemed to go far with its right strategies and informative posts.