What You Should Know About Norman Pattiz and Podcast One

Norman Pattiz  is the executive chairman of podcast one. He announced recently the results of a comprehensive study of advertising test with five major brands through five diverse service sorts.

That was conducted for the initial time ever over the last semi of 2016. The test displayed noteworthy impact on podcast advertising with regard to brand recall, recall of particular messaging and also the intent of purchase.

The executive chairman affirms that the core focus has always been to independently verify the podcasts as a way of enhancing the brand impacts. The results will on the other hand validate the multi-tiered approach to integrated advertisement.

He further says that they were exited to partner with podcast one and the other leading five brands. This being the reason since it is possible to independently measure the impact of podcast advertising. Read more: Norman Pattiz | Crunchbase and Norman Pattiz | Fundacity

Not forgetting that the methodology allowed for the study of the audiences presented before and after the brand campaigns and showed that the podcast advertising has a role to play to impact on a variety of key effective measures.

In the year 2010, Norman founded and also launched courtside entertainment group for the purposes of quality programming. This was after realizing the untapped audio on demand industry. He would there after launch podcast one. The company could thereafter become the leading producer in audio programming. Some of the popular line ups that are under the podcast channel includes: Larry king, Chris Jericho among many other.

Podcast one

Podcast is one of the nation’s leading advertiser that is under the podcast network. It is a programmed that was founded by Norman Pattiz. The network has a large programming platform that goes on for over 340 hours for every week. In line with this, more than 200 podcasts follow Norman Pattiz.

Norman Pattiz

Norman patttiz is an American broadcasting entrepreneur who was at the forefront in founding the radio networks Westwood one and also podcast one.

In 2000, Mr. Norman was appointed by President Clinton and later on re appointed in 2002 by the president them, bush. There he served on the communications panel of councils of the U.S.A as a whole.

He likewise aids as a regent of the Campus of California plus also, he is the chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos nationwide security laboratories.

Mr. Pattiz also serves as an associate of the council of overseas relations and the pacific board on worldwide relations.