Fight For Success

The dreams are big and the possibilities endless when you are young. Getting to the moon, becoming president, being famous, rich or living in a mansion are all possible when we are young. Then reality sets in with experience and we have to lower our expectations. Finish school, go to work, find a job. You compromise. You are brainwashed into thinking that you will never achieve your goals, and many never manage to get back up.


People are backed into thinking about average. Fear takes over and people for settle for payday to payday. Why are you letting fear take over and placing realistic over the dreams that you had? You did not miss your shot, you never made it to the court. It will be the truth the minute you forget your dreams and begin this thought process. You will never achieve what you do not think that you can achieve. Negativity will never allow you to win. Learn more:


It’s not life if you live it denying your dreams. Bob Reina’s success was something he made for himself. He used willpower, and nothing was going to stop him. He believes doing is the thing that matters not the wanting, or hoping for something those are just the start. You have to believe in order to have the drive to be successful. You need to not only know change is possible but be committed to making a change if you adore where you are in your life.


You have to convinced that you can do more even though life is a constant battle. Do not make excuses, challenges are going to be part of life. Hardship will not last forever unless you allow it to. Fear is a waste of time you cannot get back. In order to be capable you have to believe that you are and put in the work for what you want. Make your conditions an advantage instead of a disadvantage and allow them to move you toward your goal.


Ambition, drive and determination are the only things that separate people. Make negativity obsolete, do not wait or put off things that are important to you. Once you settle you will never stop settling. Do not settle, aim for extraordinary because the future is not set in stone no matter what your age. A win is possible, make sure to take responsibility for you life and everything in it.