Chad Price- The Social Entrepreneur Disrupting the Health Sector

Chad Price is a visionary who is working to diversify the health sector. He seeks to ensure that patients and institutions get top-notch laboratory and pharmacy services through MAKO Medical.

The recent CEO of the year awardee has taken his venture Mako Medical to excellent levels. Firstly, he has incorporated cloud computing in his laboratories.

That has helped put his enterprise at per with the changing times of technology. It has also helped his laboratories save on costs while also providing its patients with instant and top-notch access to quality healthcare services.

Making Great Waves

Besides that, Chad Price has also achieved immense success with his hiring veterans’ initiative. The company recently being selected to represent North Carolina in the Secretary of Defense Employer Freedom Award.

The award is given to companies that primarily hire employees who are serving under the Guard and Reserve.

When the pandemic struck, most medical intuitions didn’t quite know the way forward. However, Chad Price, the innovative and resilient CEO, didn’t back down from the challenge but took it head-on.

Chad Price and his team came up with an innovative telemedicine platform that would cater to both the needs of the medical professionals and their patients. The move came after the rise in demand by medical practitioners worried about their declining numbers because of cancellations by their patients.

The medical platform, which didn’t require any sign-ups, downloading, or apps, addressed all its users’ medical needs, from Covid 19 to chronic conditions to general health needs.

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