Eterneva Significant Impact To Those Grieving

Eterneva, a startup for grief wellness, aims to start creating diamonds to assist families in grieving after losing a loved one or a pet. It was founded by Garret Ozar and Adelle Archer in 2016. The company has already secured around 4.8 million from four rounds of funding. The founder Adelle Archer in 2019, performed in the Shark Tank; thus, the idea of the organization came up. The sharks and Garrett Ozar were among her living business partners with a stake of 9% in the company. Her grandmother, who was her mentor, unfortunately, died. Therefore, Eterneva’s CEO and founder put on a blackened diamond ring created using carbon obtained from her grandmother’s ashes in a lab. Moreover, Adelle Archer wore a diamond necklace which was yellow made of ashes also.

Additionally, the cremation-diamond corporation, Eterneva, has directed its focus on consumer aesthetic and ethos employed in the industry of death care. Thus, the corporation plans to expand and pursue partnering with various funeral homes to implement a company driven by technology to a funeral landscape that is slow to adapt. This company does offer not only a product but also a service. It assists customers in their grief journeys. In the mail, customers are offered a kit for welcome where they place ashes of approximately half a cup or hairpieces, and for pets that have been cremated, customers place some fur.

Further, recently, this corporation has made a partnership deal with FedEx to guarantee appropriate practices are followed for custody chains in the process of mailing remains. Furthermore, the remains are taken to the company’s headquarters for extracting carbon and then rendering it into a diamond seed. However, the grief industry has not been having any significant advancements; thanks to this company that has significantly impacted the industry.

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