Excellent Prison Technology with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a fast growing firm in the inmate industry. I firmly believe that the company is a well-established leader in the provision of both criminal and civil justice technology solutions.  Recently, the firm made an official announcement, which showed that among its field specialists, eleven of them were honored to receive a globally recognized certification, BICSI.


The Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) is a professional organization, which supports the industry of information and communications technology (ICT). Primarily, ICT covers the spectrum of project management, electronic security, and safety, data voice as well as audio and video technologies. BICSI credential holders and members involve themselves in designing, installing, managing and maintaining ICT projects. I think the recognition of Securus Technologies by this organization is due to the firm’s ability to present well-tailored inmate services, which not only suit the prisoners and their families but the authorities as well.


Some of the ICT projects involve spaces, pathways, optical fiber, wireless-based infrastructure and systems as well as distribution networks, which are mainly based on copper. I think that the Building Industry Consulting Service International is privileged to be serving more than 23,000 qualified ICT professionals. The BICSI can help many ICT professionals adequately because of its excellent engagement methods. Such engagement plans for the BICSI include publications, conferences, training and credentials as well throughout nearly 100 nations. I believe that this makes the foundation the ideal fit to meet the training needs and the ever-growing standards and requirements in technology for both the ICT professionals and the ICT sector.


The firm strives to serve over 3,450 corrections, law enforcement, and public safety agencies. More than 1,200,000 prisoners across North America primarily depend on of the technology solutions, which Securus Technologies provides. The firm specializes in providing information management, communication, biometric analysis, investigation, public information, incident management and emergency response services. Additionally, Securus Technologies provides inmate self-services and monitoring services and products to foster security and safety in the world we live in.

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