Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

Fabletics is one biggest online retail companies that deal with sportswear. The company was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, back in the year 2013. In the few years that Fabletics has been in the sportswear industry, they have managed to sell over $250 worth of apparel. This is a figure that many companies in this industry might never get to. But, Fabletics has made it this far and here are some reasons for their success.


Fabletics might initially have been a females’ brand only. But even then they had a variety of active wear in stock. From gym clothes to yoga, running gear and swim suits, you will get it all at Fabletics. However, the company has diversified even further so as to reach a larger market. They now have active wear for men and kids.

The Founders

Fabletics was founded by professionals who have expansive knowledge in the online retail niche. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have been working in this industry for more than a decade. The two friends have co-founded other successful companies like JustFab. JustFab was the first subscription-based retail store and was immediately a big hit. Having learnt what customers love, through JustFab, Fabletics is without a doubt bound to be a huge success.

Kate Hudson also contributes largely to the success of Fabletics. Being a best-selling celebrity is just a tip on the iceberg. She does most commercials, where she models different categories of sportswear. That way, she makes Fabletics clients gain confidence in the brand.

Customer Engagement

One of the major reasons why so many online retailers in this industry fail is because they do not invest in engaging their customers. Fabletics conducts online surveys to identify customers’ individual lifestyles to guide them in customizing products for them. In this way, customers are able to interact with Fabletics designers and stylists on a personal level. Kate Hudson also engages with Fabletics’ clients through her social media pages. Also, she keeps her followers in the know on what is trending at the store.

Physical Stores

Whether you prefer buying online or want to try your clothes at a local store before you can buy, Fabletics is the answer. They started as an online retailer solely. But they have since opened several physical stores across US. This has enabled Fabletics to acquire customers in both digital and the traditional world.

VIP Membership

It is true that so many online retail companies now offer membership programs, but not many companies do it like Fabletics. Whereas many companies just offer plain membership programs, Fabletics makes you want to be a members. There is everything to gain by being their VIP. You are treated as just that.

Members pay $49.95 every month. But this amount goes towards their shopping for the month. If you don’t want to buy anything in a certain month, you can simply choose to skip the month and nothing will be charged.

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