Former U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is Dedicated To Education Reform

Betsy DeVos is a politician and a reformer. As a college student, she was very involved in many causes. Elisabeth Price, as she was known then, attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics.


Betsy DeVos participated in numerous political organizations and campaigns. She also was on political action committees of the Republican party. Betsy served for six years as the Chair of the MI Republican Party. Her desire to reform and make a difference has driven Betsy throughout her adult life.


She is married to Dick DeVos, a Grand Rapids businessman and a reformer in his own right. Dick DeVos was the 2006 Republican nominee for the race for governor of the state. Dick did not win that race, but his commitment to Michigan and the country has never waivered. The husband and wife team is very active in many community and national endeavors.


Betsy DeVos served in a political role as recently as the end of 2020. Beginning in 2017, she was the United States Secretary of Education. Former President Donald Trump appointed her to the position. She has long advocated for school choice and other positive changes in the school systems throughout the U.S. Betsy remains committed to this undertaking.


Betsy and Dick DeVos are the parents of four grown children. They got married in 1979, the year that Betsy graduated college. The DeVos family is recognized for its philanthropic activities in Michigan. They are devoted to helping to improve the lives of their fellow men, women and children across the state.


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