Fortress Investment Group: A Firm That Is Focused On Your Needs

Fortress Investment Group provides private equity (debt investing) and hedge fund services. In addition, the company provides private equity advisory services to clients, including growth capital, recapitalization, operational support, and transaction execution. Its main investments include leveraged loans, investment-grade bonds, and distressed debt. As of December 2017, the firm managed approximately $68 billion of assets across multiple investment vehicles.

Fortress Investment Group offers products that allow external investors to participate in managing a private equity fund. These products include FIG Advantage (FA), FIG Fund (FIG), and FIG LP (FIG Master Trust), among others. Fortress Investments Americas Real Estate is a publicly traded Real Estate investment management company focused on U.S. real estate, listed on the NYSE. In addition to providing venture capital funds for existing portfolio companies, the firm also operates as a hedge fund investor.

Fortress (New York) is the largest publicly traded investment management firm focused exclusively on alternative assets. Since its initiation in 1998, it has developed into one of the largest and most successful alternative asset management firms in the world, having managed or advised on more than $130 billion in investor capital. Today, Fortress Investment Group manages private equity, hedge funds, credit, real estate, and infrastructure investments on behalf of a global client base. In total, Fortress employs more than 300 people globally.

They operate on a global scale and provide investment and advisory services to institutional and high-net-worth clients. Their core businesses include alternative investment solutions, hedge fund investment management, real estate investment management, credit and structured finance, private wealth management, and life insurance management.

In 2014, they created the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund and an actively managed closed-end fund to capitalize on leveraged loans and high yield credit. In addition, they acquired Crestview Partners, a long-established, value-oriented investment manager, with more than $25 billion. Fortress Investment Group manages a number of investment funds, all of which are private equity funds.

The New York based company offers investment opportunities to its investors, typically giving the highest return possible within a reasonable investment time frame. In addition to private equity funds, the group manages the Fortress Macro Opportunities fund, which invests in various debt securities. In addition, the Fortress Fund Solutions fund invests in various alternative assets such as hedge funds.