Georgette Mulheir: Why There Are More Criminal Activities In Haiti

Haiti has been in the global news headlines for a while now. According to numerous Human Rights organizations, the country has been experiencing political instability for a long time, and this had led to a lot of gang violence in most parts of the country. The government of Haiti, according to Georgette Mulheir, has not been able to meet all the basic needs of the people living in the country, and this has led to numerous human rights challenges. The humanitarian crisis in the country is getting out of hand, and it is time for other institutions over the world to intervene and bring a solution. Some of the human rights institutions investigating the cases in the country now believe that some gangs comply with security officers, top government officials, and other influential people to cause harm to the people. The humanitarian crisis in Haiti has presented the ideal opportunity for gangs to earn some good money.

The people who are in power have used this technique to intimidate and also instill fear in the Haitian population over the years. Georgette Mulheir and numerous officials at the US government officials believe that the increasing violence in Haiti and criminality is being assisted by the poor judiciary system. The Haitian judiciary has failed its people because it has not been able to prosecute the criminals who are causing havoc in the lives of ordinary people. Most of the gangs in the country have the support of politicians, and they try so hard to repress any political dissent. People who are willing to take part in anti-government activities will always be given a hard time by the gangs. Georgette Mulheir believes that the last year has seen an increase in the number of gangs in Haiti. Many families, regardless of their status, registered kidnapping instances.