Gordonstoun School Commemorates Prince Philip

Gordonstoun School is one of the leading boarding schools in the UK. It was founded in 1934, and since then, many students have passed through this system to make a good life out of this education.

Recently the pupils of this school used an 80ft sail training boat to lay a wreath off the coast.

This event took place at the Hopeman Harbor, where there was commemorating Prince Philip. This prominent student learned to sail at this great school as a teenager.

Main Events

During the event of Gordonstoun School, students were displaying the Coat of Arms for Duke of Edinburg on a banner.

The queen presented it in 2019 to the school for its excellent work. The school Principal, Lisa Kerr, shared that Gordonstoun is at the forefront of providing students with stable opportunities to better their lives.

She also explained that the teachers had worked for hand in hand with the Prince to help him understand his career path.

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Besides academics, the school helps students with curricular activities, helping them feel recognized not only by a performance by their talents.

What the School Offers

At the ceremony, Lisa Kerr shared that the school found a secure and stable environment where the Prince could discover his true self and become a better version.

During the curricular activities, Prince Philip learned his love for the sea; this was among the many sports offered, but he connected with the outdoors.

The principal added that he learned how to be of service to others through the school curriculum.

Insight on the Prince`s Early Life

Ms. Kerr explains that Prince Philip lived his life well in the school. Most of his time was spent learning and serving others.

Besides the Prince, two of his grandchildren have undergone the Gordonstoun system.

Prince Philip was a devoted parent, and during his visit, there was no ceremony as he loved to follow set rules. Also, he was committed to following his children’s performance.

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