Hauser Insurance Group Explains Benefits of Tax Liability Insurance

Hauser Insurance Group is an Ohio-based privately held insurance company. It has experience in the industry since its creation in 1971. To date, it is known for the provision of diversified services like insurance solutions, risk management, and employee benefits for every business size. The main target for the company is private equity firms, though publicly traded retail entities, family-owned companies, and multinational corporations are also their target. Their focus is to ensure that clients are satisfied, and before they serve one, they ensure that they identify the client’s needs and recommend ideal products that would benefit them. Due to this, the insurance company has grown its customer base throughout the nation.

One of the products that Hauser Insurance Group sells is tax liability insurance. When a multifaceted business wants to transact, it must navigate the issues surrounding it, like tax exposure. For instance, when there is a merger and acquisition case, it is important to ensure that tax regulations are met so that no issues are arising in the future. Therefore, Hauser Insurance Group recommends that tax liability insurance would be a great addition to ensure that the closing of these complicated business transactions runs smoothly. The insurance company continues to explain that tax liability insurance can be supplemental to seller indemnity. It can also function as an alternative to representation, indemnity or RWI insurance, and warranty.

Tax liability insurance and RWI can function the same, though they are different in terms of the treatment they offer. Both have known and unknown tax exposure, and how they approach these vary. Therefore, when planned carefully, tax liability insurance can go ahead to cover further the point where RWI policy coverage stops. Also, when a business wants to participate in an M&A transaction, representation, RWI, and warranty can be used. Though, when RWI is not available, tax liability insurance can be used as an alternative.

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