Hospital Copa Star Revitalizing Area Of Copacabana

The southern zone of Rio now has a new standard of luxury and technology not seen before in a hospital. With the reopening of the Hospital Copa Star, there are now seven floors open to the public in what could be mistaken for a 5-star hotel if one did not know any better. The architects have certainly exceeded expectations for what has long been a vacant building in the city center.

The main concept is that of automation so that the patient is able to do everything from the hospital bed or room. All patients are given an iPad when they first arrive at the building, and there is a custom software application that can accomplish more than was ever possible before. Similarly, nursing staff can handle a myriad of adjustments from a central location so that their time is more conserved than it generally is in other hospital environments. If the curtains need to be closed or opened in a room or the lights need to be dimmed, then the nurse on duty is able to handle such matters from the central hub.


It is not just the patient rooms which will be outfitted with the latest technology, but there will also be intelligent operating rooms and neurosurgery rooms encapsulated with the best integrated magnetic resonance equipment, robotic medicine, and telemedicine. All of this will make for cutting edge service, and it might seem that only the richest of the elite will be able to afford to be checked out there. But, all forms of payment are now being accepted, and the network is working with a myriad of health plans in order to keep their services open to as many people as possible.

Shopping Antiquários has always had its prominence as one of the first shopping malls in the country. Despite the aged decor in many places, the area is still a significant draw for locals and visitors alike. The D’or network is the organization which has given the Copa Star its latest uplift, and they also have taken control of the third floor within the mall in order to use if for related purposes. Billing, supply, clinical engineering, maintenance and other similar areas of support will all be done from this upstairs location. Read more at about Copa Star.

Amazing items have been seen at this locale such as a life-size horse which was once owned by President João Batista de Figueiredo. So, when tourists want to take a journey down the path of antiquity in order to find everything from handcrafts to groceries and more, they will be able to walk with the certainty of knowing that there is a quality medical staff and building close by should their health threaten to fade.

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