Larry Baer And The Giants Of San Francisco

The San Francisco Giants may not be known so much as we know them today if it wasn’t for the brilliant mind of current CEO and chairman, Larry Baer. The UC Berkeley and Harvard Business school graduate began his career in the media industry working for Wessington Broadcasting and CBS Inc.

Forging his path into the MLB throughout the 1990’s, the San Francisco native found himself assembling a new ownership group for his hometown Giants. This group eventually would establish ownership of the bay area’s baseball squad solely from the leadership of Larry Baer. Not only did this achieve to keep the Giants in San Francisco, this move would promote Baer to his position as Chairman and CEO.

Winning a World Series Championship title in only his first year in office in 2012 and another in 2014, respect was quickly gained in the stadium, the MLB, and throughout all of sports.

It didn’t stop there, the SF Giants CEO is a key strategist and negotiator, who has worked closely in making sure to keep some of our favorite players in Giants uniforms including Buster Posey, Hunter Pence, Brandon Crawford, etc.

As one of sports’ leading visionaries, the Giants CEO believes in the power of face-to-face conversations and maintaining personal connections. “By expressing an interest in my co-workers as individuals, rather than just colleagues, I’ve built genuine bonds with my staff.” as stated by Larry Baer himself.

His optimism continues to show as he is currently overlooking the construction of the renovation of Mission Rock which will consist of 1500 new residential areas and much more to provide for his community. Go to this page for related information.

Currently residing in San Francisco with his wife and family, Larry Baer sits comfortably with his hope in the youth and their recent engagement in social justice, believing that one day the United States can come together and prosper. “I am optimistic for a positive future that we can build together.” – Larry Baer


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