Lauren Conrad Offers Practical Party Planning Advice

Lauren Conrad has planned your next get-together, and you can believe that it’s going to be an organized event that isn’t extremely fussy. Conrad’s party-planning methods may even be effective for improving your marriage, since putting together the menu and decor for an event at home can give you yet another lesson in compromising with your mate. Conrad has learned this lesson first-hand when decorating party spaces with her husband William Tell.

Conrad has definitely made her mark in the fashion world, and has two collections: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s and Paper Crown. The former MTV reality show star has also published nine book, eight of which have made the New York Times bestseller list. Lauren also has almost 10 million combined social media followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These days, Lauren is adding home goods to her lifestyle brand with The Little Market. The Little Market is a fair-trade retailer based online. Her latest book, Celebrate, which gives practical party planning tips, has led many to say that Conrad is the “millennial Martha Stewart.”

Conrad insists that Martha Stewart’s “shoes” are too big to fill, and that she doesn’t see herself overshadowing Stewart, who has long been hailed as the Queen of All Things Domestic.

Whether she claims to be the next Martha Stewart or not, Lauren’s tips for organizing a get-together will help to make you less stressed as a hostess. Conrad says to let go of the notion that everything needs to be perfect.

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