Learn About the BeachBody Way of Life

ShakeologCarl Daikeler, the founder of BeachBody, has always been a helper. His career began in production for the NFL’s mid-game entertainment. He moved on to filming infomercials. It was in that industry that he decided he could do a lot of good for a lot of people. He noticed that a growing number of American adults were classified as overweight or obese. With so many fad diets and devices, he wondered how that could be.

When Daikeler got to thinking of why Americans were getting heavier, a few reasons came to mind. Long work hours at sedentary jobs was a factor. A fast food diet was another. He also realized that visits to the gym were more of a hassle than a lot of people would admit. Knowing that he could make a difference, he started filming workout videos and putting them to DVD. People could use these videos to exercise in the privacy of their own homes whenever they wanted to. He called the series “BeachBody.”

Today, BeachBody consists of high-tech as well as original DVD options. A person can subscribe to BeachBody on Demand, which is a streaming option that includes access to all of the workouts. OpenFit is an app that combines live workouts with social support and nutrition tracking. The program also includes an extensive social support network. Participants who are new can connect with those who have been using the system for a while.


A few years ago, Carl Daikeler added Shakeology to his fitness lineup. Shakeology is a nutritional program centered around protein powders. There are whey-based proteins and plant-based proteins. Participants can get a sampler pack to try the different flavors, which include tropical strawberry, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel and cafe latte. There are also options for alternating flavors and bulk canisters of one flavor. The user mixes the protein powder with dairy milk, water or a plant-based milk. The shakes are easy to take on-the-go for a healthy breakfast or lunch at work. The Shakeology products contain at least 16 grams of protein. They’re also high in fiber and critical vitamins.