Malini Saba – Success through giving back to the Community

Talk of the leading philanthropist and investor of South Asian origin and you will be talking of Malini Saba. As Chairman of Saban, she has grown her business to compete with large multinational companies. Her company today competes with leading technology companies in the U.S and real estate firms in India and Austria. One notable achievement for Malini is the way she has strived to improve the lives of children and women. She is a passionate philanthropist who assisted in the finding of Stree Global Investment, an internationally recognized investment plan in Women and Children. The non-profit organization has changed the way low-income earners see themselves and live.


Stree, a company that was inaugurated by former US President Clinton, provides a means for women to access legal empowerment and better healthcare. The company has had its impact in several parts of the world. Africa, India, Eastern Europe and India are some countries that have highly benefited from Stree.


Malini Saba was interviewed recently about her life and success. She considers her success in her personal life as one of her biggest success. She has raised up a daughter who is entirely responsible and ready to take her paths of success.


She briefly advises investors always to focus on the future. Malini has been noted to state on multiple situations that whatever took place in the past may never be changed. One should just reflect to the past and learn from it. Everyone is on the path to success and what people should realize is that success does not come directly through money. It takes long, there are multiple knockouts along the road that turns out to be worthwhile for the long shot. In the long run, what matters is that everyone is happy and satisfied with where they are.


One notable difference between Malini Saba and other investors is that she is looking out for the interest of others and not herself. She is highly passionate about helping women in the society. Apart from doing things for herself and family, she tries to elevate the lives of women around her. Saba knows that she has been blessed to be highly successful. Knowing this, she has chosen the best places to risk her money. She has insisted on multiple occasions that the commodity market is one of her best places to invest. Most of her ventures have been highly successful as noted by her large income.

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  1. Causing a positive impact to the society means everything to her. The creation of Stree Global investment was as a result of her passion for people. It is surely not a common place that superiorpapers has been trying to balance and I know it works very well for them too.

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