Matthew Fleeger Elaborates on the Emerging Challenges in Oil Exploration

GCWEvery sector in the world is always full of challenges that organizations have to overcome so that they can remain relevant in their operations. However, some challenges are so deep that they can easily lead to the collapse of a company. In the oil industry, there have been very many challenges that have led to the collapse of a huge number of entities. It is obvious that even the surviving companies will have to introduce some new strategies to remain relevant.

Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has been the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western. This is one of the organizations that have been operating in the oil industry and one of the few surviving entities that have been able to deal with the current problems. However, to the new companies, it is very hard for them to realize some of the major problems.

To avoid falling into a trap, Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has been discussing some of the common issues that most of the organizations have been facing. He wants such organizations to understand such issues so that they can easily remain relevant in the market. One of the common challenges that Matthew Fleeger has noted is the drastic decrease in natural resources.

Oil companies have been operating in some of the traditional industries. In such areas, resources have consistently decreased around the world. However, the decline is much significant in developed countries such as the United States. This means that the huge number of organizations in this region have very little to share amongst themselves. This means that every other oil exploration company joining this market should be aware of the prevailing problems.


Another major problem that Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has noted is the shift in the use of fossil energy. The emergence of other sources of clean and cheaper energy has significantly affected the success of most of the leading oil organizations. Most of the growing countries have already embraced alternative sources of energy, which has led to a significant decrease in demand for oil. As such, the investment that oil companies are making does not correspond to the current demands.