Molekule, Snazzy Name, But Even Snazzier Technology, Make This Purifier A Bedroom Bonus

Maybe you didn’t know this, but your Molekule air purifier doesn’t just have a snazzy name. It’s an ode to the PECO technology at the heart of the product. PECO is modern, cutting-edge and even medically derivative.

It uses the same ground-breaking action that demolishes human cancer cells at the molecular level. Only, in the case of Molekule, the free-radical eviscerating technology takes aim at the buggers that make your environment less than hygienic.

Pollution cleansing at a whole new level occurs with the Molekule system. Dust is gone, as is de rigueur. But, also so much more. The system destroys viruses, bacteria and allergens. It’s abilities make it able to remove pollutants that are up to 1000 times smaller than even those routinely removed by quality HEPA filters. The company has in fact achieved medical use clearance, specifically as an FDA 510{k] Class II Medical Devices unit.

The PECO filter, or Photoelectrochemical Oxidation filter, is the net result of two decades worth of research. It’s also a big boon for both breathers and sleepers. Those that often awake stuffed up will be the first to truly appreciate the difference the filter makes in their sleep space. Odds are good, you will sleep far more soundly and awake much more refreshed after installing your Molekule.

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