Pam Bear – San Francisco Businesswoman

Pam Baer is a businesswoman in San Francisco. Pam is among the few philanthropists and a community leader. Pam was initially a Texas resident, where she attained her first degree in Finance at the University of Texas. Pam established a Marketing business after the composition of her intern in the financial service sector.

The venture to the entrepreneurial sector, consumer service, and business to business client exposed her to more knowledge in business. Having gained a lot of industrial experience, Pamela Baer came up with a unique approach to business, that she has constantly advocated on business that gives back to the local community.

Pam Bear is a leader in the Bay Area, where she dedicated most of her time advocating for vulnerable people and health care.

Pam has served as a director of the General Hospital Foundation in San Francisco and later served as the Board of Giant community fund. For Goodness Sake was founded by Pam Bear, a mobile store that donated all its sales to help the vulnerable in the local community. Pam’s project at San Francisco helped to mobilize people and create unity among the community by engaging in fundraising and supporting the community-building experience.

Pam’s heart of giving to the vulnerable was triggered by her son’s accident that happened some years back. The son’s Health was taken care of by San Francisco General Hospital, where she joined the Board of directors. Pam helped the local artist in San Francisco hold events and their work, the artist designed heart sculptures and auctioned them off to raise funds for San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. Go here for additional information.

Pam collaborated with other officials and convinced them of permanently painting the heart display in Union square. The heart symbol signifies the love Pam Bear had for the people of San Francisco. She performed a song I left my heart in San Francisco to express her devotion to the residents.


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