PosiGen Brings Solar to Communities Usually Ignored

After Hurricane Katrina caused heavy damages to New Orleans in 2005 various programs were set up to assist residents with the cost of rebuilding the city. These programs were only accessible to wealthy individuals and families and ignored communities that consisted of low-income or are predominantly populated with people of color such as the Lower Ninth Ward. Early founders of PosiGen saw this occurring and decided to not only invest in neighborhoods historically ignored by local politicians and high society. Eventually, this led them to develop a niche in providing solar energy to these communities and continue providing affordable solar to communities that did not attract big money-making providers.


PosiGen also provides their clients with the opportunity to significantly lower their utility bills and sell back the extra energy produced. This practice helps offset the cost of solar and upkeep of the PosiGen solar power system. Clients can either choose to lease their system with no minimum credit requirements or purchase it and increase the value of homes. Both routes begin with energy-efficient upgrades that will begin lowering the utility bill and provide a cleaner environment ultimately improving health and quality of life. The first step in the energy audit is a blower door test that locates points from within the home by drawing the air out exposing leaks and signaling technicians where to patch. PosiGen’s energy audit also includes accessing window frames and attic spaces which are common locations for leaks. 

PosiGen is not only committed to providing affordable solar to the communities they serve but also to the ability to help the families and less privileged communities of their clients improve the value of their homes and neighborhoods. The solar power firm also offers opportunities for employment to the people they serve, generating income that can be spent locally and strengthening once ignored neighborhoods even more. The environment is always a major concern at PosiGen. By becoming more energy-efficient and investing in solar technologies, a positive impact can affect the environment and improve health issues caused by ignoring a problem that has existed for decades. PosiGen is committed to improving high-needs neighborhoods, providing affordable solar, and helping cure the local environment.