Preventative Health – Life Line Screening

What does Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening, Dr. Andrew Manganaro, have to say about preventative screening? He thinks that it can save lives. This is the reason he started Life Line Screening, after a career as a cardiovascular surgeon. He saw many catastrophes that he knew could have been avoided, with the proper screening.

In a recent interview with “IdeaMensche” he stated that one thing that really excites him is “The growing awareness in the scientific community of the importance of identifying asymptomatic disease at its early stages so that patients’ family doctors can help them with medications and lifestyle changes to avert progression of disease and future catastrophes”. Dr. Manganaro, through his company LLS, provides this screening at an affordable cost to the public and more information click here.

The testing provided by the company includes ultrasounds that diagnose asymptomatic Peripheral Vascular Disease, EKG testing for atrial fibrillation, osteoporosis screening, and screening for cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Manganaro says that there are always new screenings on the horizon. He and his team are invested in furthering scientific research on preventative screening andlearn more about Lifeline Screening.

Dr. Manganaro attributes his success as an entrepreneur to persistence and hard work. LLS gives the public an opportunity to discover diseases and modify their lifestyles by introducing preventative programs before the disease progresses. In order to offer this valuable technology to the public, Dr. Manganaro had to be passionate about his cause and invested in his mission. He also credits his “talented team“. He works daily with many board certified reading physicians, researcher, and a Clinical Department.


As the CMO of a thriving and growing company, what does Dr. Manganaro see ahead? He says that for the future of LLS he sees “Endless possibilities for the awareness and prevention of disease in otherwise asymptomatic at risk individuals and a continuation of our contributions to the scientific literature“. LLS has amassed over 8 million screenings, and their database is one of the largest in the world. This data has the potential to contribute greatly to medical research, and change the way individuals think about preventative health and it Youtube.

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