QNET is Not a Scam

Many people have dismissed QNET as a scam. Pessimists believe that only people at the top of the company get rich. However, the following information will shed some light on it not being a scam. QNET is a direct selling company that has distributors and customers throughout the world. It introduces direct selling to countries without this opportunity.

The company offers excellent opportunities for new entrepreneurs by giving them capital. Most people think that QNET works by obtaining money from new investors and giving it to old ones. This is, however, not true because the company does not work on an investor model instead of on direct selling. Marketers earn income on the actual selling of the products provided by the company. Read more

The sellers have no risks because they only refer the products to customers and are not required to buy any before sales. The company has a digital connection where distributors observe their sales performance. The company is neither a pyramid scheme as has been insinuated.

The sellers earn commission based on the sales they make from direct selling. The company’s marketers can either become independent representatives or directly buy products for personal use. The independent representatives have permission to sell the products through direct clients or teamwork.

They benefit through commissions from the company got from their total sales. The firm also offers training to their sellers to equip them with the necessary skills for utmost performance. Having been involved in a scamming direct selling company that left it with huge liabilities, its management embarked on starting their current company to maintain high integrity in their business.

Unlike many companies, it achieved great success during its first few years of operation. It added new products to the market faster than expected. That led some people to call it a scam since they could not understand this growth.

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