Quentin Flannery: A Successful Entrepreneur and Investor

Entrepreneur and investor, Quentin Flannery, covered the story of $4.9 million being raised by Metallic Minerals earlier this year. The funding was made for the development of the Cape Flattery Dune field. The field is located in North Queensland. The Cape Flattery Dune is home to the world’s highest quality silica sand. The enterprising solar market is constantly growing and business leaders such as Quentin Flannery are aware of that, making the Cape Flattery Dune field a hot spot. The demand for silica sand is quite high. Industries involving LCD panels, LED lights, fiber-optics, and electronics are in need of silica sand. Ilwellah has committed to $2.2 million of the funding for the Cape Flattery Dune field.


Quentin Flannery knows a thing or two about the resources sector. Flannery was one of the youngest managers in the coal sector of Australia during his run with Yancoal Australia Limited. Quentin Flannery was able to expand Yancoal in China. His expertise led him to take over the role of Director for a bevy of family companies. On top of that, he also serves as the Director of Elysian Capital. According to Quentin Flannery, the company is a hedge fund that has been making waves in commodity trading that is weather-based. Quentin Flannery is in charge of overseeing the strategy and trading of the companies he works for. Many startup businesses rely on Flannery’s expertise. 


This is evident by the fact that he’s a member of the board of many of these companies. In particular, he’s a big player in Asian commerce for his work with AuMake International. He is also involved in work with Sunset Power International, Field Orthopaedics, and Delta Coal. Flannery’s experience and track record have made him an attractive pickup for many businesses that are just starting. The logic is that having Flannery would be one way to ensure that their business is able to get off to a fast start. Beyond the world of business, Quentin Flannery is a philanthropist. 


He started the Flannery Foundation, which donates to about 30 charities in Australia. In addition, Flannery is also the corporate ambassador for Act for Kids. It’s an organization that aims to put an end to child abuse in Australia. The organization also provides treatment for those impacted by child abuse. Act For Kids provides therapy sessions, family intervention, education services, and residential services. Quentin Flannery has pointed out in recent interviews about how statistics show that one in 32 kids in Australia receives child protection services. Child protection authorities receive over 486,000 reports of child abuse, something Act For Kids takes to heart.

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