Ricardo Tosto, a Prominent Brazilian Legal Advisor

Brazil is a land with many legal advisors and practitioners. This is a factor that has contributed to the country’s teeming law schools and lawyers. This is why it needs a lot of considerations for you to get a lawyer who will handle your legal practices competently. Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer who provides you with the peace of mind which is vital in all legalities.

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer who started in a small law office and went on to join one of the most experienced business law firms in the area. With over 22 years of experience in business law, he has become one the most reliable lawyers in Brazil. He specializes in Credit recovery, M&A, corporate restructuring, Banking, commercial litigation, electoral law and international law.

Ricardo Tosto is an associate of the Brazilian Bar Association, Law Firms and Partnerships Research Centre (CESA) and the International Bar Association. He has also acted as president of the Sao Paulo OAB Commission for Modernization of the judiciary.  As a lawyer, Ricardo Tosto has qualifications that prove him to be competent and reliable.

With the slow justice associated with the Brazilian legal systems, Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer with quite a high success rate. Due to his astounding reputation, Ricardo Tosto is the perfect advocate for your corporate litigation needs.

Ricardo is a graduate of the Universidade Presbitirian Mackenzie with post graduate studies in Business Administration, another factor that has contributed to his competence and reliability in his sector. He is arguably one of the most reliable corporate litigation lawyers in Brazil today.

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