Rocketship Education Propelling Children Upward

Anyone with school-age children knows the trials and tribulations that come with enrolling them in public schools. Inadequate funding, underperformance, underpaid and overworked teaching staff, and overcrowding all contribute to placing undue pressure on children to succeed, and when it takes place at the elementary level it puts kids on track to keep underachieving, not only in high school but throughout the rest of their lives.

Having an early academic advantage can have a monumental effect on a child’s development, and Rocketship strives to provide that opportunity to every child growing up in a low-income community. Rocketship is a nationally run non-profit public elementary charter school system with six locations throughout the United States. Their goal, as set out by their co-founder and CEO Preston Smith is to eliminate the economics-based achievement gap by providing a dynamic educational model designed specifically to propel students from traditionally underachieving areas.

Rocketship operates on a three-pillared system to provide the best educational model possible for students. They focus on personalized learning where instruction, content, and the general learning experience are tailored to each student’s specific learning style, developing highly trained staff that can meet the highest standards possible in the classroom and beyond, and work with parents to help them become advocates for their children in an oftentimes difficult educational system.

The educational model at Rocketship is a teacher-led classroom supplemented with technological support to enrich students’ learning experience rather it is as a whole group or individually. In addition to the traditional classroom setting, students also pursue group activities, independent studies, and online coursework to give them an all-encompassing educational experience. In addition to scholastic work, students are also imbued with a core set of principles including empathy, respect, responsibility, and persistence. At Rocketship it is only scholastic achievement that propels students ahead of traditional public school settings, but also focusing on these core principles, as well as offering enrichment classes in areas such as gardening, art, music, nutrition, and others.

With tremendous success being reported every year from each location, Rocketship is quickly showing itself to be a preferred opportunity for children who would otherwise have to suffer in substandard schools getting a substandard education.

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