Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education Has Learned Some Lessons Of Their Own

Rocketship Education opened the doors of their first public school ten years ago. Even though they are the educators, they have learned some lessons along the way. These lessons allowed them to grow and better serve the students and the communities that they call home.


The first lesson was that learning begins at home. Parents who are informed and equipped with how to help their children learn will result in their children doing better in school. This is why educators visit their students’ homes to create a relationship between school and home.

Supply and demand

Rocketship has been approached many times to expand their program. However, right now, they see the need to stay at the elementary school level. There needs to be more of a demand that the education at this level is the best it can be. Rocketship empowers parents to use their voice to hold politicians, educators, and their communities accountable and do what is right for the children.

Segregation vs integration

Integration is important in our neighborhoods today. The government should not be sending kids out of their neighborhoods to attend school. Kids should attend their neighborhood schools regardless of their race. Rocketship welcomes all children into their schools.

Learning is for everyone

Students are not the only ones that are learning. Rocketship has done a fair share of learning themselves including tweaking their education modal and the criteria for hiring teachers. For them, it is important to find the right formula that benefits everyone including the students, the teachers, and the communities that embrace them.

Now Rocketship Public Schools

When Rocketship opened its first school in San Jose California, all they saw was the need for public schools in an area that was having a tough time. Parents were given the task to help hire teachers and were taught to be advocates for their children. It has not always been a smooth ride, however, the children are thriving. Public education does work and Rocketship’s new name celebrates that fact.