Ross Levinsohn, Entrepreneur and Executive

Ross LevinsohnFor more than 36 years, Ross Levinsohn has been an entrepreneur and executive in the media, communications and technology industries. A degree in broadcast communications set him and his co-founder up for success when they started their own production firm just after graduating from American University in 1985. Levinsohn’s success at this first effort would inspire him to engage in more entrepreneurship in the middle of his career.

The early years of Levinsohn’s work in communications also included working as a promotions expert for Time Warner Sports and as a producer for CBS’s SportsLine. In 1999, Alta Vista was one of the biggest names in the technology industry. Levinsohn accepted a position there and helped with its portal launch plans. The idea was shelved, but Levinsohn’s interest in technology didn’t wane. He accepted a managerial role at Fox Interactive Sports Media in 2001, which he held until 2004. At that time, he became the CEO at Fox Interactive Media.

This experience overseeing the daily operations of multiple online properties would serve Levinsohn well. In 2006, Ross Levinsohn and James Heckman started an advertising business. It created digital ads with search engine optimization for enhancement of site traffic and search engine results placement. Their agency did well, and Yahoo scooped it up in 2010. Levinsohn went on to serve as Yahoo’s CEO on an interim basis for a couple of months in 2012.

Between 2013 and 2019, Levinsohn started two additional communications businesses. He also took the helm of a range of media and technology firms, including Boston Consulting Group, Guggenheim Digital Partners, Tribune Interactive and the Los Angeles Times. In 2019, Heckman contacted Levinsohn about an opportunity at his company. Heckman founded Maven after he and Levinsohn sold their ad agency. Maven grew rapidly, and when Heckan reached out, it owned more than 300 brands.

Levinsohn took the role of president at Sports Illustrated Media, which was Maven’s newest property in 2019. Just a few months after Levinsohn joined the organization, Heckman announced plans for departing and retiring. Ross Levinsohn was recommended as Maven’s new CEO and began in August 2020.