Ross Levinsohn’s Distinguished Career in Media

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is an innovator who has led the growth of companies involved in tech and media. Over the past two decades, Levinsohn has held multiple top-level positions in large corporations with market capitalizations of over $20 billion.

Early Beginnings

Levinsohn’s successful career began in Washington, D.C., at American Univesity. He succeeded at earning a bachelor’s degree in communications. Levinsohn developed a passion for digital media in college, and this passion led him to get his first job at CBS Sportsline. After proving himself at CBS, Levinsohn was able to rise rapidly up the corporate ladder.

Eventually, Levinsohn got a job as the president of Fox Interactive Media. His work led to the development of the strong digital presence that Fox News now has today. Levinsohn primarily focused on improving the company’s platforms, tailoring its communications for a digital audience, and building a strong following on social media. He also emphasized maximizing engagement to drive revenue and encourage brand loyalty among followers.

Other Top-Level Positions

After completing his tenure at Fox Interactive Media, Ross Levinsohn went on to become the CEO of Yahoo. At the time, Yahoo was worth over $20 billion. Levinsohn’s did not remain at Yahoo for long because the company’s ownership structure was highly volatile at the time. New investors eventually decided to appoint Marissa Mayer as Yahoo’s new CEO in 2012. Nevertheless, Levinsohn has remained active at Yahoo, and he has recently worked to acquire Yahoo’s business division in a new venture that he leads.

Levinsohn then became the CEO of Guggenheim Media, a company that owns a broad range of media properties, including Adweek, Billboard Magazine, and the Hollywood Reporter. Later, he transitioned to an even more prestigious role as the CEO of the LA Times and Tribune Publishing.

Ross Levinsohn’s Career Today

After leading a successful career in media, Levinsohn has reached the pinnacle of his career by becoming the CEO of Sports Illustrated and Maven, a leading consulting company. Levinsohn’s is now able to apply his expertise at Maven in a way that helps world-class media properties to realize growth in a challenging period characterized by rapid change. By applying technology in an effective way, Levinsohn has been able to help modern media companies to survive and position themselves to achieve substantial growth in the near future.