SextPanther for Sexy Chatting

SextPanther is an adult website and app that provides a secure and private forum for people to trade sexy messages, photos and videos. What sets SextPanther apart from other erotic platforms, is that it allows one-on-one texting. People who open an account on SextPanther are able to directly text the content creator(s) with whom they are interested. This allows for more intimate and fulfilling interactions. Under current conditions, when everyone is mostly home and bored, lonely and frustrated, a more personal real-time connection is deeply desired.

SextPanther’s content creators are models thoroughly vetted by the company to avoid any fake profiles or catfishing. What you see is what you get. They are creative free-thinkers who want to indulge in the fantasies of the users, but safely, privately and on their own terms. When a client texts a content creator, or vice versa, the message goes through SextPanther and is then forwarded to the recipient. No personal phone numbers or personally identifiable information is exchanged.

It’s free to set up a basic account on the website. The user can then choose the membership level they prefer and purchase credits using a credit card. The credits are subtracted from the user’s account when they connect with the content creator they like, whether it’s through chatting or sending and receiving pictures or videos. Clients are also able to tip the creators using credits. The content creator earns money when they receive any of the messages. They are paid by SextPanther twice a month, with SextPanther taking a fee from each transaction.

SextPanther is a mutually beneficial service where models can make money working from home through erotic and creative self-expression and clients can share their sexual fantasies in a safe environment respectful of their and the creator’s privacy.