The Business And Professional Friendship Of Hussain Sajwani And Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire developer and lives in Dubai. He has a business relationship with the real estate firm run by Donald Trump. Both men are titans in real estate and have already partnered on numerous business dealings including the Trump International Golf Club. Approximately $2 billion in sales have already been made from the luxury villas.


The relationship between Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani extends to all three of the children. Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka are all friends with the Hussain Sajwani family. Hussain Sajwani feels his relationship with the Trumps will continue to grow both professionally and personally. Ivanka Trump and Ms. Sajwani are also close friends. They email each other and have had lunch and dinner in New York together numerous times.


All three Trump children have represented their brand to foreigners who are linked to powerful politicians. Ivanka has used social media to post business meeting since 2010. Hussain Sajwani remembers Ivanka happily working on a project while pregnant until right before she gave birth. He was in New York and impressed how she talked business and went back to work a few days later.


Hussain Sajwani met Donald Trump before his Washington hotel opened. His understanding was if Donald Trump was elected President the younger generation would take over the business. The Damac Owner was at the celebration on New Years Eve when the President referred to him and his family as beautiful people. There is still some controversy as to possible conflicts of interest concerning Donald Trumps professional and personal business especially those in the Middle east. Hussain Sajwani is not worried because he does not involve himself in any issues pertaining to politics.


Danielle Brian is with the Project for Government Oversight. The project believes the continued involvement of Donald Trumps family in his businesses is going to divide his loyalties. She fears while he pursues foreign policy for the United States he will be concerned about the effect it may have on his families finances. This will be something not only perceived by the Project for Government Oversight but by the rest of the world as well.


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