The Life of John Ritenour and IOA Foundation

Insurance Office of America, which John Ritenour co-founds, is a full-service insurance organization with lots of locations all over America. He has been committed to growing his company since it began. However, because he wants to venture into other things, John Ritenour has given his son, Heath Ritenour, the CEO position in IOA Foundation.

What is the Purpose of the IOA Foundation?

The dream of the Insurance office of America Foundation is to reach out to people who need support and benefit in any way possible, not necessarily financially. Though it is part of it, there is more to it, not just money.

The main agenda of the Foundation is to support kids from the early stage of birth to college. Health, literacy, social services, and mentorship are the Foundation’s direct support as it involves charitable work.

The Foundation also supports the talents of young people by offering entrepreneurial support to them through their talent. The support helps young people understand what it means to be empowered and stand on their own, as that is the end goal of the Insurance office of America Foundation.

The IOA Corporate 5K

The Insurance Office of America Foundation is involved in different initiatives, and the Corporate 5k event is one of the initiatives. The 5k event has facilitated people to unite their community. The Insurance Office of America Corporate 5k also raises awareness, recognizes, and celebrates those who participate in the race. Nonetheless, there are prizes to be won in different sectors like best t-shirt design, workplace wellness, and team spirit.


The drive of the Insurance Office of America is to give back to the community. John Ritenour’s efforts have become progressively high-profile because of his act of giving back to the community through his Foundation. The end goal of John Ritenour is to raise optimistic and deliverable flexible opportunities for people to stand and move forward on their own.