The OCC: Achieving a Brighter Future

The much needed boost is not just a physical advancement department , but rather a mental development also.” says the former four-year Oklahoma City University coach of his own career. To scholastically, physically and professionally excel, Brown was in dire need of something to catapult him to new heights.

The Oklahoma City University has been that catalyst in recent years. Because the Winning Team Coach understands what it is like to need a push in the right direction, Brown shares his inspiration with those who are struggling. By permitting some undergraduates to participate in the rowing team even if they are having trouble passing classes, he is providing a support system.

The rowing team is not a distraction so much as it will instill a sense of discipline as well as fellowship. Everyone needs encouragement and a support system is exactly what the OCC  rowers are giving their team mates. Aside from life training and kinship, there is a burning resilience fashioned in each teammate from paddling. This “brutal” passion lead the team all the way to victory.

The Orange Coast College took shape after the decision of a certain amount of community voters, chose to defuse the military airfield of Santa Ana and adopt it into a junior graduate school in a section of 243 acres of soil. That’s when Orange County College was founded by Basil Hyrum Peterson, on July 28, 1947 and constructed by carpenter, Fran Albers, out of the deactivated Army Air Base.

The main phase of building the structure took place in the middle of the fifties when the famous architect, Richard Neutra, was positioned to lay the foundation for the college. His plans for the layout was carried out by a group of 35 construction workers, directed by Albers who were mostly footballers.

At that time they were each being paid 60 cents an hour to convert an army film theater into a conference room and a reception room; a club management center into a recreation center of 500 seats; a military base chapel was converted into a performance theater and wedding hall; and a military storage bunker into a library, among other necessary modifications.

Today Coast Community College District member, Orange Coast College, offers courses in autumn, winter, spring and summer and is fully licensed by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Since the year after Orange Coast College was founded, with the classes of 1948, the OCC has become one of the largest colleges and among the best in the world. Each year more than 25,000 enroll to attend the university in search of higher education.

In addition, Orange Coast College replaces many orange coast schools and universities in California and the country with a continuing high student exchange rate. OCC’s extraordinary highlights and the latest in hi- tech innovation, and offers more than 135 educational and occupational programs.

That includes one of the largest public nautical programs open to civilians being recognized by most of the country. Orange Coast College’s 164 acres of land is within minutes of the magnificent beaches off Costa Mesa coast of Southern California.

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