The Teamwork of Giving: James Dondero and Linda Owen Offer Great Hope To Dallas Charities

The home of Dallas has a great team of charitable gate keepers making sure that the organizations in the community are well funded for many years to come. The winning team of the innovative James Dondero, co-Founder and co-CEO of Highland Capital and Linda Owens, Philanthropist extraordinaire, are now working together to make sure that millions of charitable dollars will continue to be made available to those charitable foundations and funding organizations that best distribute the funds to those in need.

It does take a special talent to accumulate a surplus of earnings each year, the way that James Dondero does each with his high low yield CLOs or Collateralized Loan Obligations. After the recent investments in credit debt products from emerging foreign markets such as Argentina,Dondero also inspired similar activities and investments by countless other hedge fund management teams and clients. This action created a blue print for future investment gains and activities within the credit debt product investment community. Clients of Highland Capital are proud to be a part of the success that eventually gives back to the people in the greater North Dallas.

As Jim has said, “The firm’s engagement in the work of all the organizations it supports goes beyond funding.” The team at Highland, does not only work magic with CLOs and other hedge fund management processes, they tirelessly give of themselves through their commitment in personal time as board members. They put their heads together along with Philanthropic leaders such as Linda Owens to creatively provide funds to non profits, great causes and giving organizations to benefit those who make the most impact on the betterment of Dallas.

Linda Owen started many years ago on the legal team of Wald, Harkrader and Ross. She works with many charities that hold balls each year for those with the deepest pockets and the biggest hearts, from The Family Place to animal welfare groups.


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