Tim Ioannides MD; how to protect your skin in summer

Summer is the best season for all people in the world. Everyone, regardless of their age and race comes out in summer to enjoy the outdoor activities. Outside activities increase significantly when people realize it is summer time. People prepare for events for summer for months. When the season finally comes, everyone forgets the most important thing; their skin. The sun brings many benefits, but sun harms the skin when people get exposed. This summer, your skin can be safe even when you are going to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. Tim Ioannides MD from the United States specializes in skin diseases. In summer Tim Ioannides MD gets increased number of patients because of cancer caused by the sun. When people follow the summer regulations from Tim Ioannides MD, they never cry because of skin issues again;

Clothing: in summer, it is not the ideal time to expose your arms and legs. Shop for cloths that will cover your back, legs and arms. When the sun is too hat, wear a wide brimmed hat. The hat will act as a block to the UV rays. Sunglasses are an essential part of your clothing in summer. Never step outside your home when you have forgotten your pair of sunglasses. The eyes are a delicate part of your body that get damaged when the sun is hot. Tim Ioannides MD patients are aware of the dangerous of sun to the areas close to the eyes.

For summer, sunscreen must always be in your handbag. For men and women, sunscreen is mandatory in summer. Having SPF of 15 will guard your delicate skin all the time. The defense offered by sunscreen is excellent, but you need to apply the cream in a good way. If you are fortunate to consult with doctors in dermatology, they will recommend creams that have the best results to your skin. All parts of your body getting sun exposure need the cream. After some hours in the sun, consider reapplying your cream for the best results. Two hours is ideal when you are swimming or sweating.

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