Tobias Jaeger – The Current Managing Partner And Senior Executive Of AXIOM Venture Capital

Mr. Tobias Jaeger is the currentManaging Partner and Senior Executive of AXIOM Venture Capital, which is a boutique savings bank dedicated to the entertainment and media industry. He is also the Managing Director of AXIOM Pictures, which is a film equity fund that focuses on global film projects. Mr. Tobias Jaeger started his entrepreneurial endeavors while still in college. Tobias Jaeger was a student of Maastricht University when he founded Business Associates Europe. The firm developed an innovative method of delivering strategic consulting services to business corporations. It brings together college students and experienced consultants on matters relating to business strategies.

After completing school, Tobias Jaeger was interested in the industry of e-gaming. He started with the development of a poker game known as StrategosPoker. The poker game is also a platform for training off-the-cuff poker players on how to handle competitive level games while generating income. Tobias Jaeger also continued with his activities in Europe through entrepreneur academy. The organization provides personality empowerment courses to many entrepreneurs from the Middle East and Europe. Furthermore, Tobias Jaeger is passionate about how empowerment techniques at the personal level can be used in developing a prosperous life that results in professional performance.

Tobias Jaeger was given the opportunity of transferring his skills to the sector of entertainment in 2012. This was the sector that he was attracted to for many years. Tobias first joined an initiative that was started by Swiss, ‘Thought For Food’. He used the avenue to develop a conference and documentary on how the leaders of new generations and latest technologies are reshaping food industry and new business models as well. His first documentary, which was shot in countries such as the USA, Kenya, the Netherlands, India, and Switzerland has been watched by many decision-makers and investors who have promised to support the leaders of the next generation.

Since the release of his first documentary, Tobias Jaeger became actively involved in the launching of AXIOM Pictures. This was the first entertainment investment equity fund to be established in Europe. Because of hard work, Tobias and other investors and entrepreneurs came up with AXIOM Venture Capital, which eventually met the needs of the media and entertainment world. As the Managing Partner, Tobias Jaeger controls the Corporate Finance arm and M&A advisory of the AXIOM Venture Capital. Under his leadership, Tobias has ensured that entrepreneurs in the media and entertainment sector find the best investors.


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