Wolfe Reimagines The Future Of Relationships

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble, a creative dating app that puts the power back in a woman’s hands.The 28-year-old entrepreneur was named on Forbes 2017 list of 30 under 30 in Consumer Technology.

She received her Bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University and currently resides in Austin, Texas. Wolfe was also one of the founders of Tinder. She left the company due to the work environment. Her experience led her to create her own app.

The visionary created Bumble in hopes of changing the dating environment for the better. Gone are the days when women compromise and put themselves in unhealthy situations. This progressive app is also open to LGBTQ people. Amidst the success of Bumble, Wolfe created a sister app for Bumble. Bumble BFF works similarly to Bumble. Instead of matching future couples, Bumble BFF matches future friends. Bumble Bizz is currently in the works. This app connects potential business and platonic relationships.

Bumble is unique in that women make the first move. After both the man and the woman signify that they like each others picture, the woman makes the next step. This takes the guessing out of the game. Men feel less pressured to be aggressive by making the first move. This creates a better dating environment for the man and woman involved. Women are given the opportunity to have control and feel better about their decisions.

Whitney Wolfe is interested in creating a work environment that is reflective of the healthy and respectful relationships they hope to kindle. It is clear that Whitney Wolfe has a vision for what productive and loving relationships should look like in the 21st century. She refuses to compromise her vision for any popular, yet unhealthy dating trend.